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Thedangers of distracted driving have been a debate topic 2019-08-29

Thedangers of distracted driving have been a debate topic for a coupleof years now, which has led almost all states across the country toput some sort of laws into effect that penalize those who use theircell phones while driving. Apart from motorists, a lot of pedestriansget injured in accidents caused by distracted drivers, too.Coated sheet factory  But,pedestrian safety is affected by another factor, in addition todistracted driving. It's distracted walking, which refers to pedestrians who are talking on theircell phones, typing text messages, or doing some other distractingactivity while walking down a sidewalk or crossing a street.

In2010, over 1,500 people got injured while walking on a street andusing their cell phones at the same time. The number of injuriescaused by distracted walking has been climbing steadily during thelast couple of years. There is lots of scientific evidence provingthat talking on a cell phone while walking causes a cognitivedistraction. It takes a lot of brain power to talk on a phone andstay aware of your surroundings while walking.

Distractedpedestrians are not only a hazard to themselves, but to other roadusers, as well. A lot of drivers end up hitting another car or someother object as they try to avoid a pedestrian crossing a streetagainst a red light. That's why various states are trying to come upwith different ways to prevent people from talking on cell phoneswhile walking. Some states have implemented laws that make thisactivity illegal, imposing fines for those who do it, while othershave only launched various campaigns to raise people's awareness ofthis issue.

Whenit comes to distracted walking laws, there is the example of thestate of Utah, where legislators passed a law with a $50 fine fordistracted walking, but only around Utah Transit Authority raillines. Legislators were motivated to pass this law by the high numberof train accidents that have happened recently.

Thereare some states that don't punish distracted walking in any way, suchas Delaware and New York, where large stickers with the words “LookUp” have been placed on sidewalks near crosswalks, remindingpedestrians to take a look around them and see whether it's safe tocross the street before they set a foot on the crosswalk.

Finally,pedestrians should remember to put down their phones while walking,or step to the side when talking, in case they really have to make aphone call. Also, they should avoid listening to music and reading abook while walking.  [Załóż blog!] rssSubskrybuj blogi
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